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Dear Bride to Be;

I would like to say that on the biggest night of your life trying to find the right DJ or Entertainment Company is the hardest decision to make. You may not know it but - The DJ will reflect how your reception will end up with it being a success or a flop, But also Its NOT about the DJ being in the spot light, You will not see a big banner with my company name in front of me or hanging up from a truss. Advertising that way at your event is unprofessional and cheesy,that's what business cards are for. NO, The night should be all about the BRIDE & GROOM! 

I like to be at the hall 2 to 3 hours post the start time of the reception. I can, if you want, greet your guests as they enter the hall, I will get the Bridal Party in line for the Grand Entrance announcement, I will release the tables, if you are planning a buffet and also work hand in hand with the other vendors you have hired for the event so everything can run smoothly.

I will MC all of the events of the night, not to mention a dollar or an anniversary dance if you want one. Before all of this I would have you fill out a bridal itinerary and the time line of the reception, Which you can do online and have access to it 24 / 7. I can also give you a pass code for your guest's to make request's anytime they want also which is done online with the same 24 / 7 access, The bridal itinerary will tell me what the (I wants!) and the (I do not wants!)from you. I also like to meet face to face before you authorize the agreement with having at least (2) more one on one meetings with you and your fianc before the big day. One of them no later than 7 day's before the reception is to commence Or if you want more, it can happen.

I want to be the DJ service that makes your dream day venue come true. Remember, This will be YOUR night and you can have it any way you want. Now that you and your fiancé or significant other are planning the wedding reception contact Chad with INDIANA MOBILE MUSIC to talk about your reception!

BUT - Most of all I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement and May GOD BLESS you and your fiancè or significant other with the best of your wishes.

"Since they are no longer two but one, let no one separate them, for GOD has joined them together." - Matthew 19:6