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Bride interview with Chad;

Please take a moment to read this before you hire Chad with Indiana Mobile Music!


Bride: How long have you been in business?

Chad: I started Indiana Mobile Music in 1985.

Bride: How did you get started as a DJ?

Chad: Well, I grew up here in Fort Wayne, but in 1982 I moved to Phx. AZ. when I was 15 years old. I was a Photographer in High School and I had a friend which owned a DJ Service. He asked me to take pictures of events to show future client's. I liked it so much that I dropped the camera, picked up the head phones and I was on my way. I preformed my first Reception at the age of 16. I then had to move to Indianapolis in 1985. 

Bride: So how many events have you done?

Chad: How many have I done? I stopped counting.

Bride: Do you bring back-up equipment?

Chad: Yes, I have a backup onsite at every event.

Bride: And what about if you are sick on my day, Do you have a Back up DJ? 

Chad: Yes, I have 2 back's up if I need Him or Her!

Bride:  Do you work alone? 

Chad:  NO, there are 2 of us at every event and I do all the Mcee'ing of the event's Plus also DJ when the open dancing kicks in. 

Bride: Will you work with venders I have hired already or ones that I really want for my reception? 

Chad: Why sure thats part of my job. I work with all venders so everything will run smooth, on time and nothing is missed.

Bride: Who do you hate working with?

Chad: Honestly! The ones that think they have the authority or have the pull an make changes on how and when for the time line with the reception without the Bride & Grooms OK. You two are the boss and it will go the way you want to be.

Bride: OK which you more or less answered my next question, If I hired you, Will I lose control of my Reception? 

Chad: Most certainly NOT! Like I said, You & the Groom are the boss and we will stick to the time line to the Tee. Unless you want to change it, Even on the night when the event is in progress.

Bride: Will you play my Music CD's or Records?

Chad:  I sure will! Even thou I'm 100% digital I can still play CD's that you bring or Records. But I would rather meet with you at least 1 week before the event and pick them up so I can pre-listen to them and format them for the night, That's if I don't have them already in my music selection.

Bride: Do you carry Liability Insurance?

Chad: Yes I do. 

Bride: Do you do more than one wedding reception a day? 

Chad: NO! I only do one reception per day. I keep all my attention with what the bride & groom want on their day so that it will be stress free for them. 

Bride: This all sounds wonderful, but it sounds expensive, Will I be able to afford you?

Chad: If you had to have an operation, Would you choose your doctor by what he charges? NO! You would want the best in the field, So I think of it as an investment more than a price.

Bride: Do you take credit cards or do you do payment plans? 

Chad: No, I do not take credit cards But you pay by PayPal and Yes we can set up a payment plan, But the balance is due 10 business day's prior to event date.

Bride: Will I have to sign a contract and do you require a retainer? 

Chad: Yes, I have all my brides sign a contract agreement and hold the date with a retainer.

Bride: Everything sound's great, But- What sets you apart from the other DJ Services?

Chad: I do this for a living, Not as a weekend warrior. Every event, I cater to the Bride & Groom to give my best performance for them and their guests. When I arrive at the venue for the event it is at least 3 hours prior to the event start time, thats so I can get set up test the equipment, pink noise it if I have to and have enough time to relax before guest's start arriving. I show up with all my equipment in a 7' x 16' enclosed trailer, Not in the trunk of a car. So many clients have told me that the sound quality of my equipment was the best they have heard from past receptions, that the sound was clear and warm and there ears where not ringing. I listen to what the Bride & Groom want at their reception. I have done so many receptions I will give my opinion on subjects of concern, but it is your day and you can have it any way you want.

Bride: Do you sub out contracts?

Chad: Most certainly NOT!  When You hire Indiana Mobile Music, You get me and my Helper for your event. With other DJ Services, Sure you will meet with the owner of the company at the beginning but when it comes time to your event he may send out another DJ that has no clue with what you want and you two might even clash together, NO when you sign with me, It's ME who will be their celebrating the night away from start to finish!

Bride:    I like what I'm hearing about your service but can you tell me about your Packages?

Chad: I can put together a package that would suit your needs, But my basic package would be 3hours of playtime with a sound system that will handle about 75 guests, 3 lighting effects on a light tree, A team of 2 (DJ and MCEE). 

Bride: This sounds wonderful, But what's the next step in hiring you?

Chad: First Check to see if the date is available from the box above. If your date is available input all information about yourself and the event date. Tell me about your day that you have dreamed about and the package that you have selected. I then can send out a contract. You can authorize it and sent back to me with a retainer so that we can get your date reserved.

Bride: Can we meet first to see if you are the right DJ Service that I really want for my reception, cause I might have other questions for you? 

Chad: I would be glad to meet with you at any time and if you are shy, don't worry, I don't bite. You can just E-mail me at indianamobilemusic@yahoo.com or just Text or Call me (260) 750-0398 with questions & concerns, I would be glad to answer them.